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As a well-established tattooist of over 30 years, I got my start as a professional tattooist in Victoria BC, located between the Work Point Barracks army base and Victoria Navy Base, I quickly developed a wide client base that spanned across Canada as well as in the United states. As an artist of many different media's, applying these techniques to tattoos proved beneficial as it gave the stereotypical form of tattooing an artistic edge. With the many different styles of tattooing, I found myself drawn to the fine line and detail of realism and illustration. And although I'm called upon to do old school, new school, abstract and much more I find that the majority of my clientele will always seek, the realism of a barbarian battling a demon, to the softness of a portrait of a family member or lost loved one.

"To me, the tattoo is already in the skin waiting to come out, I just free it."